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Let the Past Come Alive With Vintage Chenille

Ah….vintage chenille. Wrapping yourself in a vintage chenille robe or bedspread is like bundling yourself up in an endless hug. You just feel so comforted. The Beauty of Vintage Chenille… The beauty of anything vintage is that it’s not perfect – just like people.  We...

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Get Creative! Sew and Craft with Vintage Chenille

When you’re a chenille enthusiast like I am, ok, a chenille junkie, chenille noses its way to other rooms of the house, not just adorning the top of beds. Modern commercially-made rubbish? No thanks! Commercially made shower curtains are oh-so-boring.  I found a...

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The Life of a Chenille Bedspread

Not all chenille bedspreads are destined to live their lives atop a soft bed. Like us, many reinvent themselves. Here’s a day in the life of a vintage chenille bedspread.

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5 Smart Tips for Sewing with Vintage Chenille Fabric

When I first started sewing with chenille, I scoured the internet looking for tips, only to come up mostly empty-handed. If you’re new to sewing with this beloved-but-messy fabric or you’re just looking for a few guidelines, I hope the ones below learned from many...

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How to Care for Vintage Chenille Robes & Bedspreads

Emily loves working with old textiles, but her favorite is (of course!) chenille. To see Emily's recent additional updates and tips on chenille care, click here.  Caring for vintage chenille is easy! It’s quite durable (it would have to be to last this long) and with...

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