A Dog’s Life 50s Poodle Dog & Hearts Handmade Chenille Bedspread Robe Vtg Bathrobe


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❧a dog’s life…the story behind it☙

My heaven-sent mission on earth
Was to find somebody to love
And I knew the moment you found me
I could fulfill my job from above

You give me a home full of love
And of laughter and frolic and fun
Long walks in the beautiful morning
A big yard where I can run

You throw my ball till your arm aches
You toss my Frisbee far
We play tug, hide and seek and fetch
And my favorite – rides in the car!

The days when I know you’re tired
Upset, sad and low
I snuggle along beside you
To try and take away life’s woes

As I lick away your falling tears
Your sobbing seems to pause
You hug me and tell me you love me
In thanks I give you my paw

A dog could know no better life
Than what I share with you
If I could speak, I’d say “I love you”
And you’d reply “I love you, too!”
-by Mary Bailey

❧a robe made with so much love☙
-this is meant to both honor and represent a celebration of the incredible bond we humans share with our pets
-i have forever been captivated by the amazing stories of the ways animals influence our lives
-and how our life experiences are enriched and inspired by their very presence
-pets bring us comfort and offer unconditional love and joy, something we all need more of in this world
-our beloved furry friends don’t care if we we’re “imperfect” by our (or the world’s) standards…
-they love us just as we are – no strings attached, no expectations…just pure love

-this piece represents some of the rarest vintage chenille we have in our vast collection
-the main hearts spread came from Canada many years ago, we have no other like it
-to create the poodle, the little dog was extracted from an old 1950s novelty spread
-countless little emerald curlicues are handcut and appliqued on her body to create lifelike fur
-she’s got little black accents on her feet, and antique lingerie lace delicately sewn for her collar
-plus two hot pink bows for some extra happiness, and a few sneaky flowers appliqued in
-all fabrics used are original vintage cotton chenille and will have various “imperfections” that authenticate the age of the fabric and speak to the incredible journey it’s had to reach this point in time and space
-handmade with ☮ + ❤ by fluffy tufts chenille

This is a full-length bathrobe and it fits up to about a XL // 1X, with approx measurements as taken in final img, 58-60″ Bust | 58″ Waist | 52″ Length | 22″ Sleeves

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Dimensions 12.0 × 12.0 × 8.0 in
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