Bluebirds Soaring on Angel Wings Handmade Chenille Bedspread Robe Vtg Bathrobe


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❃See this very special creation featured in our newest blog post and discover more about how we design these one-of-a-kind “sunset” chenille robes:

∙ t h e ∙ s t o r y ∙ b e h i n d ∙ t h e ∙ d e s i g n ∙

The Angelic Bluebird…

As if soaring on breezes from heaven, bluebirds glide effortlessly through the skies, guided by whispers of angels…

Spiritually, bluebirds bring messages from the Divine…perhaps the very reason that catching a glimpse of the blue-feathered friends sent from above leaves one in awe of their creation…Throughout the ages, bluebirds and angels often appear together, both bearing mystic messages from the divine realm…

Renowned symbols of good luck and blessings, bluebirds are special messengers…ancient legends believe bluebirds are signs of prosperity, renewal, and growth. Sighting the divine bluebird is an uplifting and inspiring experience… its exquisite beauty takes your breath away. You’re left feeling inspired, uplifted and with a spiritual knowingness of being surrounded in divine creation.

As you wear this robe, feel the angelic repose of the heaven-sent bluebird pair as they embrace you in their divine message of peace, prosperity, and infinite goodness.

The colorway on this robe is our most popular, featuring hand-selected, kissed by time and Mother Nature chenille fabrics in a breathtaking array of peach glow variations. Three separate spreads were used in the design of this piece, selected to create a glowing appearance to highlight all of your lovely features…

∙ s i z i n g ∙

Size Type: Regular (est. to fit up to 1X depending on desired fit)

BUST: 56″ (measured lying flat & then doubled)
WAIST: 56″ (measured where belt ties, lying flat & then doubled)
LENGTH: 51.5″
Sleeves: 22″
Lined? No
Pockets? No
Hooded? No
Fabric Weight: Light to Medium
Standard tie belt included

∙ c o n d i t i o n ∙

All our handcrafted chenille robes are designed to tell a story using one-of-a-kind textiles from long ago. As such, we incorporate natural age distressing and other “flaws” such as age spots, small repairs, etc. intentionally into the finished piece and do not specifically make note of them.

We select only premium quality fabrics in good to excellent vintage condition to use in our designs. Most of the chenille we work with is 100% cotton or less commonly, a softer cotton blend.

❃vintage items are never perfect – but they display their imperfections perfectly!

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Weight 3.875 lbs
Dimensions 12.0 × 12.0 × 8.0 in