Brilliant Lollipop Red Pops on Cornflower Blue Morgan Jones Vintage Chenille Bedspread w/ AZTEC Fringe


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You are looking at a piece of our wonderful American history – and in some fantastic country-Americana colors too! This has been sitting in storage for decades and was only removed by my mother and I in order to wash and freshen it for you. The original plastic packet plus lightweight cardboard-type insert bearing Morgan Jones branding and associated detail is shown and will of course be included.

The colors on this are as vivid as the day this relic came out of the factory, and MJ says the color is “cornflower.” The pops are differing sizes which present an amazing optical illusion; added to that, the coordinating pops are in a shimmery show of lollipop red.

This is as the day it was new – it has not been used. My mother had a number of these she collected throughout the years and she believes this particular one is from the 1960s. Only thing we noticed is what appears to be a “join” in some of the red pops – not sure if this is intended or just a natural variation at the factory. There are no odors, and certainly no stains, repairs, or other damages. As always I do not like to suggest that something this old is “perfect” or “excellent” since that is rarely the case with anything vintage…but suffice it to say I doubt you will be disappointed with this.

*Please remember that this bedspread is true vintage and has had a long life before it reaches you, so you should expect normal wear commensurate with age and previous use.*

❃vintage items are never perfect – but they display their imperfections perfectly!

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