Stately Blooming Cabbage Rose Colorful Florals Vintage Curtains Panels 84″L


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❃Step inside:

∙ A B O U T ∙
-exquisite, stunning pair of cabbage rose floral curtains
-in lovely rich rose gold and pink mauve accented with botanical greens
-you’ll receive two long panels; each measures 42″ long x 84″ wide
-3″ header
-original tiebacks included
-2 original plastic hooks (sticky back) included to hold tie backs
-old West Point Pepperell tag – wonderful quality
-excellent vintage condition
-this is the only pair we have

Displayed on a 40″ x 44″ window.

❃vintage items are never perfect – but they display their imperfections perfectly!
© Charlotte’s Cozy Cottage

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